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Toilet Cubicle System 



Stainless steel hardware including head rail bar, J-shaped head rail brackets, angle brackets, self-closing/opening gravity hinges, indicator lockset with emergency opening, height adjustable leg support, coat hook and door knob.


800-900mm (W) x 1500- 1800mm (D) x 2000-2600mm(H)


6ft x 6ft & 6ft x 12ft

Compact laminate boards

Compact laminate boards offer anti-bacterial protection that keeps your interior hygienic and germ-free.

Benefits include:

� Anti-bacterial

� Scratch Resistant

� Horizontal / Vertical application

� Wet and dry heat tested

� Abrasion resistant

� Resistant to harmful chemicals and solvents

� Exceptional self-supporting feature

� Postformable Laminates 


Recommended for use in: 

 � Restroom Cubicles 

 � Lockers 

 � Partitions

 � Worktops

 � Changing Rooms 

 � Schools 

 � Hospitals

 � Furniture (schools, laboratories etc.)